Don't use an OS because of the games it has

Use whatever OS you like. If you aren’t a fan of Windows, use Linux, or macOS. You are better playing games on a console, buy whatever console has the games you want to play. The Switch is a good buy, if it isn’t the new hardware.

I use an original PS4. I probably won’t touch the Switch till the CFW comes out.

How much free space do I have on my PS4? I like buying the disc version of games. I have Fallout 4, the digital version. I like the old Fallout better, New Vegas to be exact. It’s easier. And it might be better on the PC. You can have sex with a robot in New Vegas, if I remember correctly. I might of played it on the PS3 before the PC, probably why I bought the PC version.

I don’t use Windows as my primary OS, if you must play PC games, run it in a VM. All I play now is Far Cry 5 on the PS4.

I won’t spend money or do anything to make the VM run better, I don’t care about PC games anymore. The Witcher 3 is fun though, that might be on consoles too. It’s around $35 for the PS4.