Don't try to explain how your smaller monitor is better

Size isn’t everything when it comes to monitors. I think my current BenQ is 24”, it has a better picture then the 27” Dell I was using, and both sides of the monitors looks the same, go to a page with a solid background, and compare the color on the left and right, if you have a cheap monitor, it won’t look the same. BenQ has a setting that fixes that.

Even my cheap BenQ looks the same on both sides. That’s how I knew to buy a slightly bigger BenQ, the new one looks better then the old one too.

I think I paid more for the 24” BenQ then the 27” Dell.

BenQ is probably the cheapest good brand. I wouldn’t pay more for a better Dell, not worth it. Dell doesn’t make their own monitors.

If you lookup monitors on Google, you can find out who makes their own monitors. Those are the brands you want. I think LG and Samsung do. What about AOC? That looks better then the Dell too. I tried telling her that the monitor she has looks better then my 27” Dell, she’s stuck on the size only. That’s why I gave her the smaller one, somebody that only cares about the size, will buy the Dell.

I might sell the BenQ at her yard sell too, the old one. Or keep it. I only paid $80 or something for it refurbished. But if I sell it for $20, somebody may become a BenQ customer for life. They’ll refuse to buy any other brand. Unless their eyes are more defective then mine.