Didn't need msbuild

Instructions for getting Wii U USB Helper here.

Now, how do I uninstall the visual crap I installed? Might still be installing. I know, restore my backup, that’ll get rid of it. Or just keep it.

Don’t bother, it asks to install a SSL certification. That means they can unencrypt all SSL connections, if you actually click Yes.

Windows is in a VM, who cares. Can I uninstall the SSL after I’m done?

The launcher is optional, just run Updater.exe until it works, and sure enough the program works now. You open that every time you want to open it. I did download an old version of the program, so maybe it thinks I originally had it, so I get access.

No SSL installed. How long till I need the launcher?

Thanks to the colors of the program, it’s incredibly hard to see. Thanks to my glasses and/or eyes. I did one test wrong, and they never did it again, so I get bad glasses every time I get new ones.

How much is a Wii U? Kind of pointless, I have a Switch, and I’ll be doing the same on it soon enough. Will the modchip really be $30? No need to buy it, the chip’s CFW will be released to everybody. Either by somebody buying it, or downloading the firmware on their site, and making it work for free.