Did the kernel update break QEMU?

Maybe. Seems like every time I update the kernel, it either fixes, or breaks it. Should either try the mainline version, or go back one version.

I’ll reboot into an old kernel, that is the 4.14 series. Might be to lazy to manually update to the latest 4.14. That requires compiling.

A lot of stuff is backported from newer kernels to 4.14 anyways. Maybe the regression too, if there is one.

Not the kernel. It booted, because it’s the dreaded AMD reset bug. Just no purple solid color background before the fake bios logo. It waits till it boots Windows. So after I reboot again, back into 4.16.11, it should boot. Do newer AMD cards have that issue? My AMD RX 470 does. Guess I’ll have to switch to NVIDIA, and pray to MSI that it’ll work with my motherboard. I sold a NVIDIA card, because my motherboard wouldn’t post with it and a AMD card anymore.

I was right, the AMD reset bug. Booted right up in the new kernel. Now I need to add my startup and shutdown script, to disable and enable it. That is the video card, that’s the only workaround.

Looks like it might be fixed, Fortnite didn’t crash. Just need to isolate the cores/threads, but to lazy. I’ll enjoy the 60 FPS stuttering or whatever it is.