Did a Plex update kill itself on old computers?

Not working on any of my mom’s devices. The radiator could need cleaning. Might be full of dust, that means the CPU is throttling itself. Or the cooler could be dead all together.

Except, it works when not under load. The computer would shut off most likely, if the cooler was completely dead.

Most likely the main drive is full, Plex stores temp files in your user directory, which is on the drive Windows is installed to by default. You can copy the Plex folder, then make a symlink to it. Didn’t know Windows had symlinks.

Nope not Plex, or the location of it’s temp files. Tried Emby, thought it was working, so she paid for it to get live TV, and it’s doing the same thing now.

If it isn’t the network card, I don’t know what the problem is. The CPU usage was over 70%, but still under 100%. Plex is actually lower then Emby, unless you watch in a web browser.

I had issues with the network card she’s using in Linux. Kind of odd, as both new cards are the same chipset. Apparently the dual port one is crap, can’t remember the brand, Rosewill maybe?

The cards I’m using are TP-LINK, and $15 a piece. That’s the card I sent her a link to.