Some catholic priests are horrible people

There’s a documentary on Netflix about it. I didn’t watch the entire second episode, probably won’t. Don’t want to hear what the priests did to children. Thanks to police corruption, there was, and never will be justice. The pedophiles are most likely dead now anyways.

A young nun, and another young woman were murdered. The nun was most likely going to tell people what she found out, or possibly already knew. Don’t know if the same person killed the other woman, most likely did. Not sure why, maybe because she was a witness to something.

Since they are looked as authority, they believe they have to do it, to be a good person. They should of screamed and tried running away, and tell everybody they know. Then the school might of got shut down. Or not, thanks to police corruption.

If catholic priests don’t want to be looked at as horrible people, don’t let any horrible people be priests. It’s just like what Trump does to foreigners.

How is it the victims fault that somebody abused them?