Can you resell a full version non OEM Windows 10 license?

No need for it, Windows blows. If I ever want to play games, play them on the PS4. Probably not the Switch, there’s almost zero games for it. I should sell that.

Does anybody sell already made RCM jig for the Switch? Yes, they do, for $4. Use at your own risk, you kill it, you’re fault. Good job Nintendo, being closed like Sony, and Apple. The Xbox might be more open.

Does the RCM jig butt scratcher work? They put a giant paperclip through it. That’s a good idea. Where do I buy a giant paperclip? They cost more then $3.70.

The $4 one looks like mine, but the picture doesn’t show the wires, they might be tiny, like her cock.

There we go, now I can brick my Switch. Better then selling it. Sell it after I brick it. Might not use it, the paperclip might be to thick, which will do more then two pins. I have until the summer to decide. That’s when CFW comes out.