Buy the Fitbit Versa?

Even though I really don’t need it? One of the Walmart’s has it. I should still be able to save at least $150.

Got to go to Walmart to get a prostate exam anyways.

What I should buy is another Insignia 3.5” enclosure. Put my games drive in it, the dock might have issues. It would be cheaper to move the games to the internal 3 TB drive, and what’s on that to the external one.

Might need a stupid filter for my water again. Drinking faucet water would be cheaper. At least there’s no filter, so it’ll always taste the same. The reading was 002 when I checked last, you aren’t supposed to have to change it till 006. That would be once or twice a year or something.

I do like money piling up, so I might transfer $300 into my savings instead.