Buy a TCL 4k TV

They are supposed to be good for the money, not sure about the 49” one. Kind of useless though, none of my stuff is 4k. It has Roku built in though. I wouldn’t download 4k version of my news. Also, OTA isn’t 4k. Does 720p look like shit on it?

Also, my Insignia 1080p looks fine, I adjusted the settings.

If the 49” TCL on Best Buy is the same one, apparently the Dolby Vision is useless, with it on the brightness or something goes up and down a lot, you can see it. You might be able to turn it off. An Insignia TV without that might be cheaper. HDR is kind of a scam anyways. There was an article on why you don’t need it. Can’t remember the reason.

TCL has no interest in fixing a problem with the TV. Best Buy will replace it. If it’s Insignia. If they won’t, then Best Buy blows. $322 for an open box Insignia. Mine was open box.

I’ll wait for a 48” or 49” for $210 or so, that’s what I paid for my 1080p 48” Insignia. My mom paid $200 for a 49” 1080p Insignia, and it might of been new. She bought that instead of me buying a new TV, and selling her mine. And it was a smart decision.

Will a 55” TV fit on my coffee table? That’s what my 48” TV is on, I have two coffee tables. A 55” 1080p Insignia is only $300. Stay on 1080p till it doesn’t work anymore. That is OTA is higher then 1080p. Lucky for me, my computer can transcode it. Except, my computer will be ancient by then.