Butt scratcher came

Now to see if my USB cable will brick my Switch, and if the butt scratcher will break the pins. If you don’t push it in very hard, it might not break anything.


It works. I unplugged the USB though, after it ran the payload. Don’t want to fry it with a possibly incompatible USB cable.

You have to push the butt scratcher in all the way, if you want RCM mode. Otherwise you get the Nintendo logo.

51% at backing up the NAND. Small text. You almost need a magnifying glass to see it.

No Linux tool that I know of to mount the NAND.

Copying the NAND to my computer. Stupid SD card reader, only works if you put the card in, and then plug it into the computer. Otherwise no disk detected.

Not really anything to do yet, got to wait for CFW. At least I have a backup, I can’t mount. Might be able to in Windows, think I need to get the keys on it to do that. To lazy.