Announcing Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS

Just the software is $25, and the Pro is $35. So tempting, I’d get it June 15th.

More info here and here.

You can only pre order from China. And it’s $40.

Still reloading Modchip Central, so I can preorder the Pro modchip. More info on the software, and I’d preorder that instead. Is it a download, or do they ship something?

Don’t think the OS requires shipping. I’d preorder, but the only site is out of stock.

Yes, the PRO is full kit – simple plug/play DONGLE for payloads, Joycon Jig, SX OS license.
SX OS is 10 dollars cheaper for those that wish to just use their computer to load the payload, or android phone, and have already joycon jig to short pins 1 and 10 for boot-up, plus also no shipping charges, there within hours after purchasing for you to start playing away!


Sweet, OS it is. Hopefully the software works in Linux. I can use Windows, but I’d rather not. Buy the OS anywhere, no shipping.

You can preorder the Pro here. I want the OS.

Ha, Modchip Central apparently won’t be stocking it. Well, I’ll never buy anything from Modchip Central then.

– (Only older Xecuter 360 Products, No SX Family)

And, has the OS now. In the process of buying it.

Products marked with *** are not available in the desired quantity or not in stock!

Does that mean I can’t pre order it? I’ll just buy it on the 1st. Got to buy a lens instead.