Almost two hundred unique bot hits a day

On my other domain. Don’t even post on that very often. Awstats says under 15 unique bots a day.

Failed to reload cron.service: Job type reload is not applicable for unit cron.service.

Possibly part of the problem. That’s a Froxlor problem. Cron doesn’t do reloading. You can restart it. So the Cron script might be crashing, once it tries to reload it.

Cron-daemon reload command

Change the reload to restart.

And you want “—traffic” to generate Awstats, not usage or whatever.

Slow as fuck. Maybe I do need that 8 core dedicated server. Probably sold out now. According to the forum the offer was on, all gone. I thought it was only 8 GB of RAM, maybe it was a typo before. That would of been worth $16 a month. Even $20 a month, but they only had 100.

There’s the problem, the script dies. I’ll stop ARK and see if it can complete. Clicked enter, and it dropped me to a shell.

Stupid VPS, rebooted it, and php7.1-fpm failed to start.

Awstats is still broken. It’s the log file, it only counts to if the domain is in the log line. Apparently goaccess doesn’t care.

Outdated NGINX, maybe that’s the problem.

If you are wondering how to switch to the official NGINX package, it’s a pain in the ass. Use aptitude remove nginx full. After you get apache2 installed instead, then you can install nginx, not the full, just nginx. Disable and stop apache2.

If it can’t install apache, because something is enabled, run “a2dismod mpm_prefork”. Then apt-get -f install.

I won’t know for a day or two if Awstats is working. Or until something besides me accesses it.

It’s possible Debian updated NGINX, and that version has issues. Or Froxlor was updated, and it changed something to work with a newer NGINX.