A new CPU is cheaper then a AMD RX 580

That could help the stuttering more anyways. And even if it doesn’t, I should be able to compile with all 16 threads.

The video card could be damaged for mining for a month. But it doesn’t get very hot, so I doubt it.

I don’t care about the highest settings in games.

Maybe when I have $600 or more in my savings, I’ll buy the AMD Ryzen 7 2700. Don’t need the X version.

I can use the old CPU in a new computer. Get the smallest AM4 board.

Cheaper to buy a G series CPU, and make a mini ITX computer. Is the video good enough for games? If there’s no stuttering on low settings, then yes. Oh wait, if I’m going to use it for games, I can give it my AMD RX 470. I can transfer my Windows license, thanks to it being the full non OEM version.

That’s the easiest solution for getting a shitOS to not stutter in games, don’t run it in a VM. Apparently the VM is shit too.