A lens is cheaper then a new camera and a new phone

Only $300 for the Olympus 25mm f1.8.

The camera is $550, and the phone is $530.

My phone works, but I had to disable IPv6, otherwise it disconnects. Motorola fixes a software problem by replacing the phone, then once you upgrade, the problem returns.

And I can sell my Canon FD adapter, if I buy that lens. Get at least $100 probably.

Canon 20mm F/2.8 FD Mount Lens, $248 from KEH, the bargain one. Sold soon. That’s cheaper then the Olympus lens. Should be good for nude parades.

Canon FD 28mm f2.8 Lens is it better then Vivitar? It’s only $60 on eBay. No need to wait to buy it.

Somebody on Amazon claims it’s good for video only, and for center only. How is manual focus only good for video? That review likes, search Google, and go to Flickr.

Made an offer for $53. It auto declined $49, and $50.