You open the Joycon?

Says Joycon pin, is that in the Switch itself, or the controller?

Sweet, it’ll be an easy “hardmod”.

According to the other thread, it’s on the Switch itself. Damn, didn’t want to open it.

Looks like you only unscrew the part where the Joycon connects to the Switch, so it’s not that bad. About three screws, if I remember correctly. Do I have a screwdriver tiny enough?

Apparently you can mod the right Joycon too. Says something about soldering, and no real how to. I’d rather use tinfoil, somebody did and it worked. The hardest part will be figuring out which pin is number 9, it depends where you count from, I can barely comprehend anything anymore.

No bending if you use tinfoil.

It’s useless until custom firmware comes out, or some other payload. So I probably won’t do anything until then.

Also, they recommend using the Type-C cable that comes with the Pro controller. I don’t have a Pro controller. I could use the one for the dock, assuming it’s Type-C and 3.0. I have a Belkin, that is supposed to be good. Somebody tested Type-C stuff, and the Belkin cable passed their tests.