You know why Apple is hiring Linux kernel developers?

They are making another OS, that will be sold to PC people. All of Apple’s apps will work in it, but third party apps may need to be compiled for it.

That’ll solve the Hackintosh epidemic. Give em a Linux version of macOS.

If it has KVM, I’ll buy it, maybe. Probably not though, as I’m lazy. Everything I do works in Linux.

If that’s not the reason, then who knows. That’s what some non Mac owning people want.

Why would they rebase macOS on Linux, if they aren’t trying to support a shitload of hardware?

If they don’t release a PC version, it won’t work in their favor, because it’ll be super easy to make it run on all PCs. Based on Linux, Linux is open source.

They already know using Intel, means people are able to run it on non Macs.

If they want people to buy Macs, make better ones, that are worth their asking price. Or lower the prices.

There’s another possible reason, to port Linux hardware support to their own kernel. Maybe in the future, Macs will use CPUs from more then one company, Intel, ARM, if we’re lucky AMD.