You can mod the Switch without opening it

With a RCM jig and a micro USB connector.

I ordered three of the jigs from jsrefurbishedconsoles on eBay.

Somebody mentioned them on the forum I read. They are out of blue, color doesn’t matter, so I said green is fine.

I ordered three because somebody on the forum did. I should make them a site, so they can ditch eBay, and get rid of eBay fees. And also, so he can do it however he wants, like not requiring payment until he prints it, and sends them a picture. On eBay, you have to pay $1. And possibly shipping.

I did get a micro USB connector off a cable, it may or may not work though. That’s what I need tweezers. So I can bend it a little, look at the picture.

You can get just micro USB connectors on eBay, 10 for $3.50.

Think I’ll find another micro USB cable. Think I screwed this one up.

Found another cable. How do I get thicker pins like on that picture? Don’t think any of my micro USB cables have thick pins. Most likely will break. Seeing how easy it is to remove the non needed pins. No bending needed, if you do it right, I think it’s already bent at the tip.

How do you short them at the rear? With tinfoil of course.

Now to test it without the jig. Oh wait, you need tinfoil first.

And good luck doing it without the jig. Also, the big plastic part might need to be removed. And now it’s useless, one of the fragile pins broke off. The other one broke off too. Trying to reattach the other one, which fell somewhere.

Buy metal pins and stick em in. I have some on another connector, that I threw out.

A magnifying glass and tiny hands are needed to mod the Switch. I have neither.

Get wire instead, it’s probably easier to find.

I can always resell the jigs on eBay.

Can I glue tinfoil to the jig? My tinfoil is to thin though.