Where did the posts go?

All hidden. Censorship yourself, might prevent you from going to jail for writing something stupid, that doesn’t go along with religious politicians. They failed at their job, religion is supposed to be separate.

The pubic category won’t be hidden. Or at least not on purpose.

require 'mysql2'
con = Mysql2::Client.new(:host => "localhost", :username => "xxxx", :password => "xxxx", :database => "xxxx")
rs = con.query("update textpattern set Status='2' where Category1='' or Category1='non-erotica'")

There’s the script, if you need it. You could do it in PHP too. That’s Ruby. I never read the Ruby book my mom bought me. That makes me an ungrateful asshole.

It’ll run every hour by cron.

Might make more sense to just exclude those categories from being shown, but that’s more lines of code. Also, they are actually hidden. Knowing the URL won’t help you.

If using RVM, you need to use the ruby in ~/.rvm/wrappers, not the system one, no mysql2 if you use the system version. You could install mysql2 globally, but not recommended apparently.