That's more obvious then neighbor spoofing

Spoofing the number you are calling. Yeah, I call myself, makes perfect sense.

Lucky for me, my Cricket number isn’t on my contacts, so I won’t hear it ring. Think I just removed my Google Voice number from my contacts.

You can report it, but it’s basically useless, as they probably aren’t in the US. Also, I don’t have access to anything that would help me trace the number. If I owned AT&T I would.

I don’t even think my phone will let me call myself. I thought the number was somebody else’s, as I don’t remember my Cricket number. When I got home, I looked to see what my number is, and sure enough, the same number that called.

You can spoof with VoIP, just like I thought. I remember seeing a setting that lets you specify the caller ID.

I could block my own number, but I’m lazy.