No wonder Fortnite had no stuttering

The 3D resolution was set to 50%. That’s less then 1080p. There’s two resolutions, the monitor, and then a 3D resolution, in Fortnite. Didn’t notice any stuttering after increasing the 3D resolution to 100%.

I also, passed through the HD dock to Windows.

This card can’t handle my monitor’s native resolution on lower settings? Maybe not.

Or it’s damaged from mining with it for a month.

If I look at the GPU usage, while playing a game, I’ll know how much VRAM it’s using. If it’s using almost all of it, or more, then it’s stuttering because the RAM isn’t fast enough, not the VRAM. And that means I need about $300 to buy a new video card, assuming I get NVIDIA, for some reason it’s cheaper then the AMD RX 580.

Or lower the resolution. Or put the game on lower then low.

Haha NVIDIA is cheaper, because they are crap for Ether mining. Nice, smart way to screw miners. Apparently old same model and make did better, the new ones were changed. Might have to do with them changing the memory manufacture. That’s only 6 GB of VRAM though, pay $350 and get AMD, no having to fool the NVIDIA driver to get it installed in a VM. And two more gigs of VRAM.