Might be a latency issue

More RAM may or may not fix the stuttering. If I use huge pages, it might fix it. Not making 8 GB or more of the RAM unaccessible to Linux, computer only has 16 GB.

Is 4 GB enough RAM for Windows? Probably not. That’s the most I’d put in a huge page.

isolcpus=0-7 that could help, it removes those CPUs from the kernel’s scheduler. Therefore letting Bimbows do whatever it wants with em. Maybe slow Linux down too.

That might of made Linux faster.

Surprisingly it might of done something. Fortnite games aren’t very long, so you don’t get to test it very long. The first game had some stuttering, I think. The second one didn’t. Or was that the third one?

Huge pages might help even more, but I’d need more RAM for that.