IPv6 only works for a couple seconds or minutes in your VLAN on pfSense?

If you aren’t using the LAN interface, it doesn’t need to give IPs. I was getting two IPv6 addresses. After disabling the track setting, and DHCPv6, it now works.

The replacement phone might actually work, assuming I get a replacement.

If you want an IP on LAN, and the VLAN, you need to actually configure the LAN firewall. Not delete the default rules.

No idea why I waited so long to see what IPv6 addresses I have. I ran dhcpcd, and it was adding a route to two IPs, one was the LAN interface.

IGMP snooping isn’t fully enabled, you might have to enable for each VLAN. That could be buggy, and cause issues. Also, don’t really need it.

You need a hostname to get a full 20/20 score. To lazy to do so, and don’t care.

Sweet, might not have to offload my router after all.