How to massively reduce stuttering/FPS drops in a Windows 10 VM

Assuming you are using Linux, and KVM with GPU passthrough.

Do a clean install of Windows. Restoring to dissimilar hardware or any other crap, does not work with Windows, it’s a shitOS, therefore treat it as such.

Don’t use a network bridge for ethernet, I use a USB 3.0 adapter. Good enough for a shitOS. I get mostly my full speed on a speed test now. I massively screwed Windows up, so I had to reinstall.

Is the stuttering gone? Seemed like it, I died fairly quickly though.

Oh yeah disable the Game Bar crap, it causes FPS drops.

Only one problem, I might need to reinstall again, it can’t install an update, error every time.

There’s a reason Microsoft doesn’t let the OS adapt to different hardware, it’s to shitty to do so. Linux has no such issue.

Something on Google said to manually install it. Searched the link they posted for the update, over 700 MB. I might have the latest version that hasn’t started rolling out to everybody yet.

Oh yeah, don’t reinstall everything you had, if it’s for games, only install games. A web browser is fine. Windows Defender is good enough. You can waste money on antimalware if you want. Leave it in a VM, and who cares. Reinstall or restore your backup, if you get infected, or use Sandboxie for your Windows porn viewing. I didn’t reinstall Sandboxie.

Manually installing the update worked.