Far Cry 5

Apparently the console version is fine. Except for the controller part. It’s ten dollars cheaper though. Does full 1080p on the PS4.

Don’t really care if it doesn’t look as good as the PC version, if there’s no stuttering, then it’s better. I won’t run Windows on bare metal, it lives in a VM, period, stuttering or not.

GameStop isn’t the only one selling it for $50, Amazon is too. Click the other sellers link, to buy directly from Amazon. No idea why Amazon lists some third party seller over themselves.

If I didn’t suck at online RPGs, I’d buy the new Elder Scrolls Online for $30. I suck at Guild Wars 2, no point in buying the latest expansion for that either. I can’t figure out how people to massive damage, and I barely do any.

Maybe if you don’t increase your health and other defense, and just increase attack related attributes, one hit by the enemy and you are dead.

No Switch games I want that badly. Super slow at releasing games for it.