How to get MythRecordings to work with the latest Plex

Comment out:

        if major == 0 and minor < 27:
               errors.append("Your MythTV server is version %s - this plugin is developed for version 0.27 and later" % version)

Just put a # in front of it, that's in the file, which in Manjaro is in /var/lib/plex/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins/MythRecordings.bundle/Contents/Code.
According to the Plex forum, you also need to change the def RecordingInfo line.

def RecordingInfo(chanId, startTime, seriesInetRef = None, checkFiles = 0, includeBandwidths = 0, offset = 0):

Should look like that.
Without commenting out the version check, Plex will say the channel isn't responding. Instead of trying to figure out why the version check doesn't work, I commented it out.
You can also find the Log file in the Logs folder, then the plugin log folder. That's how I figured out what to comment out.
Going to setup Handbrake to encode it, using the userjob script for it. The filename will be readable, instead of whatever Mythtv does. So I'll just add the folder to Plex, and not use MythRecordings anymore. I'll modify it to use x265.
Don't use the perl script, it doesn't work. To lazy to try and get avconv. Going to try this.