When your Switch dies, you lose all your game saves

Nintendo doesn’t let you backup your game saves on the Switch, it’s their lame solution to make it so they can’t find game save exploits. If you can’t get the game save, then you can’t exploit them. Not the best solution though, it’ll just make them more determined to get homebrew running, one of the first apps, will be a game save backup app. My Switch is updated, who knows what it’ll be running if they find exploits for what it has. I’ll probably keep updating it.
If my Switch dies, and I lose all my game saves, I won’t buy a Switch again. It might not die though, it’s sleeping in the dock, it has been for days, possibly weeks.
Wait, is that only for digital games? Does it save the game data on the cartridge? I think the 3DS does.
Oh, and Nintendo could only allow games with no save exploits. They don’t want to spend the money looking for exploits in every Switch game. And then there might be no games, as they’d all be delayed.
All saves are probably on the system. As if it was on the cartridge, somebody would probably figure out an easy way to get it. There’s a device for the 3DS to backup or restore saves. It’s for cheating. But you can use it to put a save exploit on the cartridge.