How to get HDHomeRun on your Roku for free

Use NextPVR to record and view live TV from the HDHomeRun. Then use the Plex NextPVR plugin. Then put Plex on the Roku, after you configure it. If you go to Plex in a browser, go to channels, click NextPVR, and click the gear icon, then for server name, enter the IP of your computer.
Extract the plugin and put it in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins. I extracted it to a folder called NextPVR.bundle, 7zip is nice, you just right click the zip, and tell it to extract to NextPVR.bundle.
The quality is utter shit in a web browser. It was fine on my phone. I don’t have a Roku, was seeing how to do it, so if my mom gets a HDHomeRun, she can watch live TV with her Roku.
It works fine on the Fire TV. Sweet, I don’t need the HDHomeRun app anymore. Also, it might work remotely. Need to open the port, so I can watch TV while I’m not at home.
It’s playing the original quality on the Fire TV. What will it do on the Roku? I don’t think it supports the video codec HDHomeRun uses. It’ll have to transcode it.
Disable hardware acceleration under server, in the settings of Plex, you have to click advanced to see it. The quality is much better. None of the other settings matter. That is if you view it in a web browser, and possibly the Roku.
It works on the Roku, just use the Plex channel. Then open it, and click channels. Takes a while to load the live TV though. I think it’s an old Roku, apparently they don’t die. Her Fire TV probably has better WiFi.
All my stuff is wired, except the Switch, N3DS and my phone.
Also, if you change the transcoder preset in Plex to Medium, it’ll look better.