The Nintendo Switch is the only tablet I like

If I could play my 3DS games on it, I’d sell my N3DS. If they let you purchase 3DS games from their eShop, then if homebrew ever happens, they might find a way to get it to play your own dumps. Then I can sell the N3DS. I’ll keep all the games though.
Got to buy ACA NEOGEO SHOCK TROOPERS 2nd Squad, looks like Metal Slug. Kind of a bad idea buying anything digital from Nintendo, you can’t transfer it to a new system. Unless they changed something. All the stuff I bought for the original Wii is all lost. Bought it anyways. Oh and it says “County”, not “Country”.
They need a bigger switch for blind people like me. The TV might work. But I like the portable mode.
Cool game. Found another bug, I had to remove the controllers from the Switch to be able to use the left controller. I put them back on, and it was still working.