Not a kids game

Disgaea 5 isn't a kids game, at least not in the US. Maybe in Japan. Just look at their outfits.
They are demons in that game.
All men are her servants. Except she doesn't like one of them. Not sure how to get the info to open new places. I think the open places are from the additional content. Said to go somewhere, don't remember where.
What is it rated? T according to Amazon.
Getting combos isn't easy. That is if you don't think while playing video games.
Need different headphones, the ones I have go in your ear. They do a good job at getting rid of other sounds though. They are like a butt plug for your ears. They go way to far in. My other in ear headphones don't go in that far, but they are tangled up, and connected to the PS4, using a USB sound card. That's how I mute everybody on the PS4, that probably won't ever be played again.
Should get active noise cancelling headphones, wired ones. If the Switch has bluetooth, you can't connect headphones by it. Don't know what wireless tech the controllers use.
Amazon doesn't want to sell headphones, they show a bunch from brands I've never heard of. Did all the other brands go out of business? Monoprice has headphones, I forgot. Can't buy them this month. Probably not next month either.
The Monoprice ones might break shortly after a year, after the warranty.
I might of had a Monoprice HDMI switch go bad. More like bad luck. My better HDMI switch that I got a while ago still works. But it can be turned off.
If I transfer money from my savings, I can buy them. Buy the open box ones, only $50.
The Monoprice ones use a triple A battery. Does it use more then one? I have lots of rechargeable ones.
Open box might only come with the headphones. Does it use a regular 3.5mm cable? Cause I have one.
I might need my savings money for toilet paper though. Oh well, who cares about wiping your butt. That's what your tongue is for. Besides, I can sell my N3DS, or bike, or PS4.