No wonder people like the Switch

The portable mode might be the best part of it. Also, the games. Apparently they make good JRPGs for Nintendo consoles, that includes the 3DS.
People don’t buy Nintendo for graphics, they buy it for fun. And the graphics are good enough. I’d gladly sell my PS4 if somebody wanted to buy it. And spend most of the money on more Switch related goods.
If you want the best graphics, get a PC. I have one, but it’s nowhere near as fun. That’ll cost a lot more then the Switch, or maybe not after you buy a ton of accessories. I’m not done buying accessories, there’s a travel dock coming out at the end of next month.
The Switch is basically the size of a small tablet, but with controllers you can attach to it.
No CronusMax for the Switch. Boohoo, no Xbox One controller for me on the switch. The only problem is, I keep forgetting the B button is switched on the Switch, if I’m playing in portable mode, with the controllers on the Switch, then I have no issues remembering, probably because I’m used to the N3DS. But if you put it on the grip, then I forget, and click the wrong button.