Restoring the stock recovery might work

That might allow me to restore it. But why doesn’t using eRecovery work?
There’s two recovery images in the UPDATE.APP. I’ll try the first one first.
eRecovery still doesn’t work. I’ll have to do it the other way. Download B360, and then upgrade to B365.
It’s doing a factory reset, or I thought it was. Trying again. Used the instructions here. Why doesn’t it take very long? I copied the UPDATE.APP to the dload folder. Don’t think it did anything. It’s booting the Carbon ROM.
Might not boot anymore, it’s still trying. Does eRecovery work now? Haha, according to eRecovery, the boot partition was damaged.

sudo fastboot flash vendor VENDOR.img
target reported max download size of 471859200 bytes
sending sparse 'vendor' 1/2 (460792 KB)...
OKAY [ 11.027s]
writing 'vendor' 1/2...
FAILED (remote: Command not allowed)
finished. total time: 11.032s

That’s what happens when trying to flash the vendor partition by fastboot. Trying to flash it by fastboot, because eRecovery is dead, or can’t connect to their server. No data img file in the UPDATE.APP though, is system enough? Maybe that’ll let me recover it.
Shows the old boot logo. Doesn’t look like it’s going to boot. Maybe eRecovery will work now. eRecovery remembered my WiFi password. Nope, same error. “Getting package info failed”.
Downloading the rollback package, then I’ll update it, and then flash TWRP. And then restore my backup and hope the camera works.
Nice that UPDATE.APP works. Except, it wasn’t very big, so it’s probably going to download or something when it boots. Guess the old Android isn’t very big. All I need is WiFi.
Says I have EMUI 5.0. Thought it would be older then that. Oh yeah, I might need to reset it in eRecovery. Or, I mean regular recovery.
How do I update it? The build is right.
Can you flash Carbon without EMUI 5.0? Oh wait, I don’t think I have the stock vendor partition back yet. No keyboard in EMUI.
Resetting it in Settings, maybe that’ll get the keyboard to show up. Says Reset failed!.
Downloading EMUI 4.1, maybe that’ll work.
Looks like phone won’t boot again, the reset killed it.
Nice HiSuite says my device isn’t supported for recovery. Still downloading EMUI 4.1. I can still flash TWRP, and restore my backup, it’s in fastboot right now. Apparently going back to stock is a pain in the ass. Buy the OnePlus 5, you don’t need a custom ROM, just root.
Nothing on Google about using HiSuite to recover an Honor 8.
EMUI 4.1 finally finished downloading.
Did the fucker relock my bootloader? Yup, it must of, cause I don’t get a warning. I have the code somewhere.
There’s a keyboard now too.
The update available isn’t EMUI 5.0. This might take a while. Have to update to whatever it found, then check again.
If you are wondering how to go back to stock, don’t use the rollback package, use EMUI 4.1, do you need the rollback for 4.1 to work? I’d try just 4.1 first, as the rollback package isn’t very big, so it might not have everything. The 4.1 file is around 3 GB, after you extract it.
Oh 4.1 will lock the bootloader too. Now I need to find the command to unlock it.
Well, now I know how to put it back to how it came, if I sell or give it away. You only have to do one thing, put the UPDATE.APP in a dload folder on your micro SD card, then boot into the flash dload image mode.
Takes a long time to install the update it downloaded. Can’t switch to Carbon until I get EMUI 5.0. Pretty sure you have to have EMUI 5.0 for it.
Downloading the next update, there’s one more after it. The last one might be smaller.