I need to move to Japan

Listen to the woman singing in the video for 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. I should buy the game, except it probably won’t have that song in it. Boohoo. Can’t understand it, but she sure does sound hot.
GameStop doesn’t apparently have the new game at any stores nearby. They might have a used copy, but they charge to much for the used one.
You can borrow the game on the internet, but I’ll pass. I prefer my own copy. I’ll be backing it up though, so I don’t have to use the cartridge to play it. That way the cartridge stays in mint condition. Sucks I’ll have to boot into Windows, to convert it to a CIA file.
The Surge is another game, I’ll need to buy.
Was going to cancel it. But the sale on PS4 games sucks, on the official store. Unless it shows something different on the PS4. I probably won’t play the 3DS game, maybe someday I will. Having video games on more then one system is a bad idea, you can only play one at a time. I don’t multitask. Unless she has a cock.
I don’t think homebrew will get 3DS games playing on the Switch, they’d have to make an emulator. If Nintendo releases digital 3DS games on the Switch, it might be possible to hack them, and make it run different games. I’d really want a Switch if it played 3DS games.
I have to own every JRPG game, at least the ones released in the US.