You can’t cut gluten free bagels with a butter knife

I had to use a steak knife to cut it. Might fill you up more then a gluten bagel. Won’t taste as good, even with cream cheese. Gluten free pretzels are fine. Hummus would be good with the pretzels.

I’ll find out if it’s cheese or gluten giving me the runs, if I get the runs, it’s cheese. I don’t think Walmart has a box of bean no cheese burritos.

It might be neither. In that case, the doctor might know, after shoving a twelve inch dildo camera up my ass.

Nobody makes a USB 3.1 type C to USB 3.1 type A?

The key word is USB 3.1. Not 3.0. You can find cables that convert it to 3.0, but that would be pointless. You will be able to get an AMD motherboard with USB 3.1 type A ports.

Looks like Belkin is the only option, Newegg, and the Apple store has it. Third party seller on Newegg is cheaper.

Sold and shipped by Walmart, for around 13 bucks too.

And I just realized I have a Belkin USB type C cable, is it 3.0 or 3.1? USB 2.0, that’s useless. It’s fine for charging my phone with a portable USB charger, but that’s about it. I think my phone is 2.0 too.

Probably switching to AMD next month

Mom might buy me a motherboard for my birthday present. Will she buy it before my birthday or close to my birthday? If closer to my birthday, I’ll be waiting until almost the end of the month. But I don’t want to read the reviews that say it isn’t as good as the leaks. It’ll still smoke an Intel i3 6100.

I’ll change out my motherboard, if it involves getting a 16 thread CPU for under 400 bucks. The CPU is, after the motherboard, it’s $430. Less then Intel.

Anyone want to buy a Intel i3 6100 and a ASRock Intel motherboard? The latch on the first PCIe x16 slot is broken, but it still works. You can have the Cooler Master Masterair Pro 3 too. It might work on AMD. But the CPU comes with a cooler.

Yup, there’s an upgrade kit according to their site. How hard is it to install on AMD? And Amazon doesn’t sell the upgrade kit. Neither does Newegg. The cooler it comes with might be better anyways.

Thermaltake CL-P039-AL12BL-A Contac Silent 150W INTEL/AMD with AM4 Support 120mm PWM CPU Cooler is cheap, and easy to install. Is it better then the stock cooler? Says it supports up to 150W Intel CPU. Should be better then. Take 50 bucks out of my savings, and buy a better cooler.

Or use the one it comes with.

I don’t overclock, so it might be pointless paying for a cooler. But it might cool better, that means it’ll last ten years, instead of five. Water cooling might accomplish that.

Take a hundred or so out of savings, and buy a better case. Then I don’t have to remove the Intel motherboard, just everything else.

Oh yeah, I should order a magnetic screwdriver too. Newegg had one. That’ll make screwing the motherboard in easier. Knew I should of ordered it.

Another international seller, was about to buy a magnetic screwdriver kit on eBay. You know, because if you try to pay with your card, it warns you.

And Amazon has it for a little more. All the same, just a different brand and/or color on some of them.

How do you break a screwdriver bit? I might find out.

I removed the Intel processors from my wishlist, so I don’t accidentally buy one of them.

More of an AMD fanboy then Intel. I have an AMD video card too, slightly better then the NVIDIA 970 I had, I sold it. The new card was only 200 bucks. If you like spending 1k on one part, be an Intel fanboy.

Google Voice is broken

No notifications on my phone when I get texts anymore. That is with the Google Voice app.

Doesn’t matter anyways. I won’t bother responding. And I’ll stop looking at Google Voice.

Need to cancel my hosting, site is getting views, I don’t want that. Only eleven visitors, so one person is clicking a bunch of stuff.

Doesn’t forward calls either, isn’t that nice? Looks like I need to port my number somewhere. Failed to forward to my cellphone.

Didn’t forward calls, because two groups were set to forward to none.

I need a new CPU

The i3 6100 isn’t up to the task of running Linux and Windows at the same time. Keep getting mouse lag in Windows, like when playing Guild Wars 2. I can sell my old motherboard and CPU, after I get AMD. I’ll be more satisfied with AMD, then Intel.

Should probably wait until I have 800 bucks or more to switch back to AMD. Then I can get mostly new parts, and I can sell the entire old computer, not just the motherboard and CPU. And it’ll have an i5 in it. Selling just the i3 6100 is easier then the motherboard too, at least on eBay.

An i7 would work better, for running Windows and Linux at the same time, then Windows can have four threads.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

Sold out on Amazon. Says it ships in one to two months. There will be a new one, but it’ll cost 400 bucks.

That would be a good camera to get my sister.

Can’t decide on a Intel CPU or motherboard + AMD CPU. If I buy her that camera, then I won’t be able to buy myself anything. Then I don’t have to decide.

I know it’s a good camera, I had an older one. It’s my mom’s now. If she’s willing to learn how to use it, she’ll get good pictures.

ASUS Prime B350-Plus

That motherboard is only a hundred bucks, and Amazon lists it. ASUS isn’t the best, you are mostly paying for their name. Well, maybe not so much anymore. That board has good specs. Just need to search, and see if the ethernet works in Linux. Realtek might not be the best for Linux though.

Looks like it’ll work without doing anything.

Yup, I’d rather spend $430, then $200 on an Intel i5 CPU. The AMD CPU will last longer. Possibly till it dies from heat.

But I could get a Intel i5, and then save up 800 bucks, and get a better motherboard, and case, and everything else, except for drives.

Amazon still hasn’t lowered their prices on Intel CPUs.

Replacing the motherboard is to much work. Easier to get a new CPU. I’d rather get a new case, when I switch back to AMD. I would still rather buy a motherboard + AMD CPU.

Better then the MSI board, not enough USB ports on the MSI board. No type C port on the ASUS though. That means I’d need a USB type C to USB type A cable. Not sure those cables operate at 3.1, at least the cheap one on Amazon. They have adapters, but then you need a type A to type A cable. Apple has a Belkin that’s 3.1, and it’s around 20 bucks. Could put the SSD in my computer. TRIM will work if I do that.

That’s why I’m single

Wet dreams are better. Nobody gets pregnant, and you don’t get STDs. Also, it’s free, you don’t have to buy them dinner. You accomplish the same thing.

Good idea, learn how to use your camera

Instead of buying lenses and flashes for it. I could still be using the kit lens, if I knew to change my flash to manual mode. I might have a cheap Chinese lens coming though.

Wouldn’t think you’d need manual mode on your flash for a lens made for the camera, that isn’t a manual lens.

My camera must have bad judgement about what settings to send the flash. Or does the flash decide? Either way, bad judgement.

My name isn’t William

Got a bogus text message, for somebody named William. Bogus link too, it’s hidden behind Only way to find out what the bogus URL is, is by going to the and see where it redirects. There’s probably a command in Linux that’ll tell you where it’s redirecting to. I blacklisted the number, so the text is gone now.

I used two texts so far.