Mupen64Plus FZ

That is the best Nintendo 64 emulator for the Amazon Fire TV.
Just change the settings, use the glide whatever, that’s the most accurate, not fast. Then change the controller settings. I could use my Moga controller. But I’m using an Xbox 360 controller.
Road Rash 64 works fine. Not everything shows up if you use the other two Mupen64Plus emulators, the donate version, and the other free one. Surprised the FZ version doesn’t have more downloads.
Looks like you can use a Nintendo 64 controller too, if you have a USB adapter.
It isn’t glitchy if you use the right settings. That’s what I heard running Nintendo 64 games on the Raspberry Pi is like. So I guess the Fire TV is better at that then the Pi.
I only tried one game though. I should buy the adapter for my Retrode 2. Probably still sold out though.
I might use the Mogo controller when I run out of space on my micro SD card. Do external drives work with the Fire TV?