How to use a wireless Xbox 360 controller with RetroArch on the Fire TV

Under input, enable all users to control RetroArch. Turn your controller on, go to User 2, click bind all. After it’s done, save everything, there might be a save in the User input, then on the main screen click configuration and save. Then go back to the main screen and exit.
Then reopen it and start a game, and it should work.
I used the nightly build.
Changing User 1 to the Xbox 360 controller, might work if you have a keyboard. I’m to lazy to hook a keyboard up.
Boogerman isn’t a real NES game? That was actually released on it? Cause it’s my favorite NES game. It’s glitchy though. It’s glitchy on computer too.
To use the Fire remote in the nightly build, the back button, is the A button, and the middle button by the arrows, is the B button.