How to copy files to the Fire TV over ethernet

You could try ES File Explorer, but it didn’t work for me. Using the IP it said, wouldn’t connect. It works in a browser, but not FileZilla. Also, ES File Explorer kept putting an annoying icon on my TV, it stays even when playing videos.
Luckily, you can use adb to copy files to it.

adb push C:\Windows /storage/sdcard1/Windows

You can get adb by installing it, or better use adbLink. If you use adbLink, you don’t have to run the adb connect commands. That might be easier though, the GUI in adbLink is slow.
Also, after push, you can drag the file to the command prompt.
If using adbLink, click console.
To use adb without the GUI, run “adb connect ip”, replace ip with the IP of the Fire TV. Then type “adb disconnect” to disconnect. You do that all in a command prompt, search for cmd. I already have adb installed, now to uninstall adbLink. Probably an outdated version of adb, it still works, so I won’t bother updating it.
I tried sending a WiFi file transfer app from my phone to the Fire TV, said WiFi wasn’t connected, that should of been obvious. I bought the Pro version of the app a long time ago, useless on ethernet.
Also, I only know how to use commands that can also be used in Linux. So don’t ask me how to use any Windows only utilities.