That’s a lot of walking

To fix your ship in No Man’s Sky, you have to walk a long distance. Turns out you can run, if you click the right thumb stick. If your radiation suit loses it’s charge, then you’ll die from radiation. Unless you find what you need. I tried getting back to my ship, but had to use the zinc or whatever to charge the radiation suit, luckily I found more on the way back. I also needed it to repair the ship. If I didn’t find any, the ship would still be broken. I assume it saved the game, said it did after exiting the ship.

Can you get something to drive around? Otherwise, this game is way to much of a pain in the ass to play. Glad I didn’t spend 60 bucks on it. I did pre order the PC version, and then got a refund.

Amazon Lightsail

VPS service from Amazon, starting at five bucks a month. Are their templates or whatever secure? Or do you have to secure them yourself? How well does MariaDB run a 512 MB VPS? With PHP?

It does some security, like SSH keys, instead of passwords. Or use the secure interface in your browser. If it gets hacked, will they fix it?

Sweet, it has a firewall. Only port 80 and 443 will be open, if I signup. Could switch this back to my custom blog.

They might automatically charge you, if you go over the bandwidth limit. I probably wouldn’t. But it’s to risky. Also this hosting is cheaper.

Final Fantasy XV

Might buy the PS4 version tomorrow. It’s only 48 bucks on Amazon, if you have prime. It’s more action orientated, instead of turn based. I’d probably like the old turn based though. I have turn based games on my N3DS.

I have more movies then PS4 games

Only 11 PS4 games, 17 movies. If I count my DVDs, then it’s even more. Except they might be at my mom’s.

Need to buy more PS4 games. Oh wait, 12 PS4 games, if you count the digital Titanfall 2.

No kids or cigarettes is nice. Movies are easier, you just watch them.

No Man’s Sky doesn’t include a booklet?

An instruction booklet or whatever it’s called? I ordered it for 25 bucks on Amazon on Monday. Price went up. The PS4 disc version. It was sealed, but nothing besides the disc in it. I don’t care about the bad reviews, they just released an update, that adds more stuff. So it’ll probably get plenty more content updates. I only paid 25 bucks, so it’s a bargain, if I like it.

I just put it in the PS4, the update is downloading. I’ll play after it downloads the update.


You don’t need to go to the doctor for that. You’d think a blood vessel popping would hurt though. Apparently if you wipe a lot, you might pop them. The runs can too. Go to the doctor and ask why it takes over a roll to wipe.

Taking another dump, possibly runny too.

Nice more blood. Every time I have the runs, it’ll probably have blood. Maybe I have even less feeling in my ass.

Might not be blood, might be from my flavored waters. The last dump might of been to dark to be blood.

Also, my phone apparently has no spell checker. Or doesn’t know that word.

Hulu is better then DirecTV Now

You can watch your shows when you want and without commercials. Assuming you pay for the commercial free add on. I don’t watch that many shows, so spending 35 bucks a month, doesn’t make sense. Also I’d rather pay for Sling TV, more then Hulu, but has plenty of channels I like. Sling TV has a cloud DVR in beta, for Roku users. I don’t have a Roku. But if it’s in beta, it should be available sooner then a cloud DVR on DirecTV Now.

I can get most of my shows for free though, over the air, and use somebody’s Comcast info to get the rest. Not sure if you can get South Park for free. Don’t have the Comedy Central app.

Paying for a internet TV service with a DVR feature would be more convenient, only one app needed. PlayStation Vue has a DVR I think, but it’s not user friendly. It requires to much thinking to use. Also I don’t know how much it is, I forgot.

Sling TV will probably be the cheapest service with a cloud DVR. They will probably charge for it, but that’ll be five or ten bucks more a month. That’s five bucks cheaper then DirecTV Now.

Bedbugs numbing might be defective

They are supposed to numb you when they bite you. Felt like something biting my balls earlier. Apparently bedbugs like balls too. The dog didn’t come to check for bed bugs, so I’m not convinced I don’t have any. A dog can smell them, they don’t have to see them to know they are there. They were using a flashlight the people.


Isn’t that from a bedbug? The bleeding thing by it, had a scab, that I insisted on removing. I thought it was a bedbug drinking my blood.

There’s something that starts with an S, but I can’t think of what it is.

Nope not from a bedbug, apparently it’s from scratching myself. Don’t think it was there before I tried removing something that looked like it could be a bedbug. Probably part of a scab that didn’t want to come off.

I scratch myself in my sleep, there’s scabs in hard to reach areas, like on my back.

Was that blood?

Is that how I’m going to die? From bleeding to death from my anus? It’ll be funny if I’m not at home when it happens, I’m sure nobody will want to clean that up.

I just took a runny dump with what looked like blood. Wiping might of confirmed the presence of a lot of blood. Stomach feels kind of weird now. Almost a hurting like feeling.

More blood then the last time it happened. If somebody else saw it, they’d probably make me a doctor appointment. I don’t really want to die, but I don’t want to go to the doctor either. That means they will make me “sleep”, it actually makes you sleep for a second, then you wake up, but you can’t move anything, but you can hear everything. So you can hear them inserting a camera into your anus. That’s what happened when they cut out my wisdom teeth. I was awake the whole time, but couldn’t move, or talk, or do anything other then hear.

I could search Google, for “What causes blood to come out of anus?”. It could be internal bleeding. Will that come out of your ass if something inside of you is bleeding? Why not out my dick instead?

Maybe it’s lactose intolerance. Stop eating cheese, no more cheese quesadillas for lunch. It doesn’t happen everyday though. Just randomly. I eat a cheese quesadilla for lunch everyday, the toaster oven works nicely for that.

Haha, dead before 30. I knew I wouldn’t live to be 40 though.