WiFi on phone is messed up again

The last update only fixed it for so long. Came in tonight, and it wasn’t connected to my WiFi when I came back in. Didn’t show it right away under the list of wireless networks either. Maybe there’s to many routers. Not really that many for an apartment building. Guess the phone has a delay at scanning.

BroadLink RM Mini 3

Hopefully the SURE remote app will let me use the BroadLink instead of my built in IR. Should work better then my built in IR. Cheaper then the extender thing on Monoprice.

I’ll have under 10 bucks in the bank, until they send my money. Should get my money by 12 am.

To add the BroadLink to the SURE remote app, add a device, select Smart Remote(WiFi), then select WiFi-IR Transmitter.

So you can use your devices built in IR, or the BroadLink. The built in IR works with my TV, if I constantly touch the button on my phone. It’ll turn on eventually.

Sweet, my phone works as a remote now

Don’t use the shitty app that comes on the Honor 8. Use SURE Universal TV Remote. The Anymote app doesn’t work with my brand it says. I added my two devices. What I read said, you can try it for free, but costs money. The daily deal doesn’t work. Whatever that is. Maybe it’s free now, or there’s a pro version.

That app doesn’t appear to have a learning function like the built in app on my phone. But it works with my Proscan TV, and Yamaha soundbar. I’ll buy a IR repeater tomorrow, so it’s easier to control the TV. Then my mom can have my Logitech. She lost the remote for her soundbar. She’ll probably find it when/if I give her the other remote. Also have to find a USB cable, otherwise she can’t set it up, or I can’t set it up over there.

I don’t think the app asked me for any permissions. Says it will.

You can pay 4 bucks to remove the ads. Says subscription, but not if that’s monthly, or yearly.

Broadlink WiFi-to-IR how much does that cost? It might have a bigger IR “bulb” then my phone. The one on my Logitech remote is huge. Thirty eight bucks on Amazon. But there’s no setting to specify what IR to use. So it’ll probably always use the built in over the WiFi.

Don’t need to pay to remove ads, my router does that for me.

They have one for 22 bucks, cheaper then the Monoprice thing. Says it works with the remote app I have. Buy two, give one to mom.

The Monoprice extender is probably overkill, but you can put one where the TV and soundbar is, then put the other thing on the coffee table by the couch, then it won’t matter how shitty the IR on my phone is. How do you use the WiFi IR thing if your phone also has built in IR?

And the WiFi thing might be a pain to setup. The repeater on Monoprice for under 20 bucks is out of stock.

Hot dog

Her costume broke too. Can probably be sewed back together.

The Honor 8 takes good enough pictures for a cellphone. You won’t be making any money from the pictures.

Why does my screen go black sometimes?

It doesn’t stay black. I can’t get it to do it either. Thought maybe pushing on the side of my case was doing it, the video card touches the side of the case with it on. Wriggling the HDMI cable, doesn’t make it happen either. Maybe it’s a AMD driver bug. Updating the driver is a pain, updating might not work, you might have to do a clean install of the driver.

Somebody posted a similar problem here. Mine does it for a second, but completely random, and not everyday. Probably only once in a day if it does it. My power supply should be fine. Nobody replied to that with any help.

Hopefully it’s not a hardware problem. Don’t want to send it to MSI and wait for a replacement. I’m not using the speakers on my monitor, so my music keeps playing when it happens. I’m using the onboard sound on my motherboard.

Updating the driver. Doubt it’ll fix it. Seeing as it doesn’t happen everyday, I won’t know if it’s fixed for a while.

And to update the driver, you still have to do a clean install of it. Otherwise your music will stop, and the monitor will go black. Apparently if you wait, then the music will return, but the image on the monitor will be corrupted. The black randomly for a second, might be a driver issue. Why can’t I update the driver without doing a clean install anymore?

Maybe she doesn’t have a phone

Not sure she goes to the apartment that’s close to mine anymore. Maybe she moved out of town. Or I don’t go outside enough.

Can’t make a new Facebook account, every time I think of Facebook, I get pissed off.

There we go, I did the unrecommended and made a new account. I turned email notifications off though. Maybe someday she’ll look for me on Facebook. I won’t bother uploading a picture, or actually using it.

Funny one of the people Facebook suggests as a friend. They aren’t a friend. Might only know two of the people on the list. Not a very big list though.

Why does Facebook recommend a Japanese person? I know no Japanese people.

Unless she’s calling from an unknown number. I doubt it. I think I know who is, and she isn’t worth talking to.

These dumps stink

Antibiotics will give you stinky dumps. All I can smell after taking a dump now, is the dump I just took. Good thing I’ll be single forever, otherwise she’d make me shower before bed. Which means a shower in the morning too, I’m sure I’d have a wet dream every night if a woman was sleeping in my bed. Sex won’t prevent a wet dream. Not for me.

Slim PHP framework

Is it good enough to write a blog? I don’t need comments. If I rewrite this site in PHP, I can host it on shared hosting that only costs 15 bucks a year, instead of 15 bucks a month. Ruby on Rails is better then PHP though. I didn’t have to write very much code to make a blog.

Converting it to WordPress is to much work. If I rewrite it, I can use the existing database and tables.

Being rejected doesn’t feel as bad

As being the rejector. Especially if you didn’t mean to do it. Probably don’t feel anything if you intentionally reject somebody.

To much anxiety anyways. I’ll continue rejecting everyone. I’d have less anxiety if I talked to her the first time.