You might not need a Mac to get OS X on a thumb drive

BootDiskUtility might do it.

The recovery file I’m downloading is only around 400 MB. Must be downloading from Apple, it’s fast. If it was downloading from the RU site, it’d be slow.

It’s done, and making the thumb drive. And that’s done too it looks like. Does format do everything?

The second partition isn’t accessible in Windows, unless I install the HFS driver. I’ll just use a partition program to see if it says how much space is being used.

According to the partition program, it didn’t restore the recovery file. It’s doing that now.

USB 3.0 is nice.

You might want to disconnect all other USB drives, after you click one of the buttons it selects all the disks, luckily it only does whatever to the one you actually selected.

Now to reboot and see what happens.

Can’t install it, need another SSD to do that.


It doesn’t work. If I remember, I have to change some bios settings.

Good luck booting the OS X installer. I’ll try macOS after I get a new video card. If that won’t boot either, then I’ll save a hundred bucks on not having to buy another SSD.