Suck at Battlefield 4?

Use a PDW or Carbine gun. I can’t aim very well with the heavy machine guns for the support class, or whatever the assault class uses. PDWs and Carbine are the easiest to use. You’ll get way more kills. You have to be a engineer to use PDW.

They made it possible for very shitty players to do better, just don’t use a gun you thought you wanted to use. Once you use a Carbine, you will find that’s the gun you want to use. The bullets seem to go where I aim with a Carbine.

Bitdefender is still in Game profile

Why didn’t it change after I quit the game some time ago?

It thinks something is still open. Disabling the auto profile changer and turning the Game profile on, turns it off, then switch it off, and enable auto mode, and it turns it back on.

Looks like the new Bitdefender is buggy.

The FPS drops might actually be gone in Battlefield 4 finally

Do you have a used Creative sound card? Remove it, it’s useless. Might make a clicking noise, and it probably uses the CPU for the audio processing. Why get a PCIe card if it isn’t going to do the audio processing? You could change the audio setting in Battlefield 4, that might help. Overclocking your CPU might help too.

Or just remove the damn thing, and use a Monoprice Analog to Digital converter.

It’s a Creative Sound Blaster SB1040 that I removed.


My uncle doesn’t go to family events because I’m there. I wouldn’t go if he was there, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Probably almost everything he says is a lie.

Windows 10 is constantly updating?

I read an article, that they said their HD activity light was always blinking. The person they talked to said, it updates when you aren’t using it. I’m using my computer almost all day, so I’m probably behind on updates. It probably updates while I sleep.

Now is the clicking gone?

I removed my used eBay Creative sound card. Using a Monoprice Analog to Digital converter. I also got a cable to use with it from them, 3.5mm to RCA.

The converter is on the ground, apparently the optical cable isn’t long enough to reach it when on desk. It wasn’t on the top of my desk, the little shelf where the UPS is. Or the cable is stuck, and I’m to lazy to check.

The sound bar hasn’t clicked yet. Lesson learned, don’t buy a used PCIe sound card. It just skipped though. I think it was skipping with the USB sound card. It could be the onboard sound, the converter, or one of the cables.

Good luck finding a new PCIe sound card with optical out. That doesn’t cost $50+. There are some cheap ones, but there’s no point in buying a cheapo sound card. In that case, I can use my on board sound.

Might of heard the clicking sound again. Didn’t sound like it was coming from the sound bar though.

Also the music skipping, is most likely a Windows 10 problem, don’t think it skipped with the USB sound card in Windows 7.

The AC is on now, so I probably won’t hear the clicking. It was 79F in here. I’ll probably switch it back to heat when I go to bed.

The i3 6100 can go up to 100C?

In that case, I can overclock without buying a new cooler. I think it’ll idle in the 50s overclocked. Don’t know what the load temperature is. That’s in the bios though, it’s in the 40s almost 50 in the bios without overclocking. It’s lower in Windows.

Anything under 50 FPS in Battlefield 4 is lag

Apparently anything under 50 isn’t playable. If I set the max FPS to 30 will it lag? It shouldn’t drop 30 below that. Unless it crashes.

Dropping from 60 FPS to 31 FPS is kind of a big drop. Don’t think it dropped any lower then that. I did put post processing on low, and turned something else off. Maybe everything needs to be on low. Or set the max FPS to 30. Not sure 30 FPS will be playable though.

I’ll most likely get a new CPU next year, when Kaby Lake comes out. I’ll keep the settings how they are, I don’t want to stress my computer.

A hundred and sixty six bucks

That’s how much HGST 3 TB NAS drive and an enclosure with a fan costs. Not sure I want to spend that much on a hard drive. Might need another drive, the Seagate will probably start making noise soon.

I can buy a sound bar for that much.

How long will the drive last without a fan? It probably won’t be turned on all the time. In that case, buy the Seagate NAS drive for a little less.

Is it the same fatness as non NAS drives? If not, it probably won’t fit in my enclosure.

I’ll find out if it fits soon. If not, I’ll have to get a different enclosure. What I should do is get a diskless NAS, and put it in that. But I don’t want to buy one this month.

The cheap NAS is slow, only 32 MB/s. That blows ass. And that’s on gigabit ethernet.

Build your own NAS. I’ll wait for new AMD CPUs. Got to have Intel and AMD. There will be new APUs soon, they will use DDR4, and the new motherboard will also support Zen CPUs. I don’t think Newegg has them yet.