You can't buy 3DS game downloads

Sandboxie will get an error when you click a link on a forum. Looks like it’s trying to write somewhere it isn’t allowed to. Probably get infected if you don’t use Sandboxie. Either that, or the bug is still there.

Oh well, I buy the actual cartridges of 3DS games anyways. I’ll just rip it myself. They still make 3DS games, so they aren’t public domain yet.

Also, I don’t play my 3DS anymore. I keep thinking how much I like the original Wii, but I don’t play that either. Now to disable JavaScript and see if the link kills Chrome in Sandboxie. Well it won’t work, the countdown to go to the link won’t work.

Oh yeah, I just remembered, there’s a ROM site that has 3DS games now. Their download isn’t under 500 Kb/s. They don’t have it. I’ll buy it next month, or when I get a refund from Amazon, for the giveaway nobody wants.