The Super Famicom is cheaper on Amazon

Assuming my controller will work with it. You can get the console only for $25 with free two day Prime shipping. It’ll cost about 38 bucks total, I need a AC adapter too. Sucks I spent all my money. Don’t have 38 dollars.

It’s 44 bucks for everything, only one controller, four dollars more gets you two controllers on eBay.

I should probably wait until I get an upscaler. The one I have sucks.

Either buy the Famicom on Amazon, or get the SNES at Trade a Game.

Don’t bother going to the Valley Game World, they don’t have very many systems, and no SNESes. Also my mom said hello to them, and they didn’t even look up or say anything. Some rude fellows like myself. The other Game World might of had one SNES, but I couldn’t see the price.

And the cheap AC adapter has issues. It’s 17 bucks or so for a used Nintendo AC adapter. Might be easier just to buy a bundle, but is the AC adapter original?

The bundle on eBay might not have an original AC adapter. A dollar more on Amazon, and that might be an original AC adapter. The eBay bundle says TOPGEAR on the AC adapter, that might be better then the adapter on Amazon.

Screw it, I’ll pay 52 bucks for a very good condition. If it isn’t I’ll send it back, probably won’t though. Based on some of the feedback, I don’t think I’ll buy that one. If you have a problem, they will just copy the description and send it to you.

46 bucks for a good condition with an original AC adapter. Probably be sold out on the 1st. Boohoo. No money sucks.

Is 74 bucks to much? The shipping is almost 14 bucks. 60 bucks for the Super Famicom.

If the one with the AC adapter is sold out, I’ll buy the 60 dollar bundle. I might be able to get my mom to order it for me. Also US cartridges work fine, you just need an adapter, I have a save thing coming. Search eBay for game saver snes.