The Retrode 2 works on the Wii

Just unplug your external drive. Apparently it can only access one USB drive. I also unplugged it and back in. To the port that the USB drive was plugged into.

The controller didn’t seem to work, but I didn’t try configuring it. The Gamecube controller works. But I wouldn’t want to play with that.

The Retrode 2 shows up as a drive, so it should work with anything that can see a USB drive. It’s kind of slow though, thanks to the old cartridges. I should copy all my games to the external drive. That’s faster then using the Retrode 2. Just don’t put the SD card in backwards, it’s a real pain in the ass to remove it.

If I can’t get the controller working using the Retrode 2 on the Wii, I’ll buy a SNES to Gamecube controller adapter, assuming they make one. The Wii mote doesn’t work either. Probably running in Gamecube mode.

They don’t make such an adapter. They make a USB adapter. Or I think they do.

If you change the input in RetroArch, you won’t be able to control it anymore. You have to put the SD card in your computer, and delete the config file. Now looking for a standalone SNES emulator.

No USB support in the standalone emulator. It might work in RetroArch if you disconnect your external drive, and plug the Retrode 2 into it. But then I’d have to run the ROMs from the SD card, or from the Retrode 2.

Mayflash NES/SNES/FC/SFC Controller Adapter for Wii & Wii U Should do the trick, I think it plugs into the Wii mote.

If RetroArch doesn’t support the Wii Classic Controller, I think the standalone SNES emulator does. Says it works with anything that supports the Wii Classic Controller.

NEW Wii – Controller Adapter 2-in-1 Retro Adapter NES/SNES Compatible! That’s what I’ll get. Plugs into the Gamecube port. That should work, there might be lag with the other thing.

Just have to wait for my refund to show up.

The Gamecube adapter is cheaper on Amazon, with prime shipping. Bad reviews though.

Raphnet-tech SNES controller to GC/Wii adapter if you don’t want lag, that’s the adapter to buy, not very cheap either.