SNES turns on

Soldered the new power jack on, turns out you solder from the other side of the motherboard, if you have any experience soldering, you’ll know what to do. Surprised I didn’t fry it. The screen is still black when you try playing most games. Donkey Kong sort of works, until you click One Player. Then it’s a black screen with sound, it might be the AV cable. Also I need to take it apart, and put it together correctly, the other piece won’t even screw in.

The power jack and other connections aren’t aligned correctly, you need to align it before screwing it in. You’ll be taking it apart a lot if you don’t know what you are doing. I may not bother, as it still doesn’t work.

There was no power at first, I had the universal adapter for my universal AC adapter in wrong. Turned it around, and the red light came on.

I could try cleaning the connector on the motherboard. Can you plug the game directly into that? That’ll tell you if the other part is dead or still to dirty.

It’s put back together. Three or four screws aren’t in it, don’t know where they go. Keep using the wrong screw, and it won’t screw in. I guess it doesn’t completely align at the back.

You can’t plug the game directly into the motherboard. If an AV cable doesn’t fix it, something is wrong with the motherboard. I’ll be selling it as is in that case.

I knew it was soldered on, because it wouldn’t move at all. You don’t actually need solder, you can use the solder already on it. Unless you are an idiot, and are soldering in the wrong spot. Good luck doing that, you’ll need a small soldering iron.