SNES should be fixed

The power stays on now, you don't have to mess with the plug to get the light to come on. I didn't hook it up to TV though. I only have a shitty upscaler. I might be able to plug it directly into the TV. Unless the component uses some of the RCA too. Most newer TVs with RCA, it's shared with component.

To celebrate, I'll order the save thing on eBay. Or maybe not, eBay's site is being slow. Spend two hundred bucks on the 1st for the SD2SNES instead of an upscaler? I'd buy the Super EverDrive, but the max size is 7Mbyte. I searched Google for "MBit to Mbyte" and 96 MBit is 12 Mbytes. So the EverDrive might work fine. Can I shrink my ROMs? A hundred bucks for the EverDrive with a shell.

Yes, I can play the games with the cartridge, and I will. But if the cartridge has issues, I can use the EverDrive. Also I can download free demos to test. Before buying them. Also Earthbound is public domain, I have no idea why people will pay 800 bucks for it on eBay.

To fix the SNES's power pins, just move them closer together with a screw driver. Then never unplug it.

Do I have SNES controller extension cables? I should. I didn't realize it was broken, and bought them.

The SD2SNES is way better, auto region patching. Also it supports bigger ROMs. With my luck, one of my games will be to big for the EverDrive.

Damn it, 200 bucks for the SNES. To play backup ROMs. That means I only have to have one game in it, at all times. Another bonus. But switching cartridges is fun.

Better signup for the Open Source Scan Converter mailing list. It's cheaper then a SD2SNES. Slightly, after you convert Euros to US Dollars. I'll buy the upscaler first.

Do SNESes never die? Just bend the pins back. I could of had Game World do it. Probably charge me twenty bucks.

Sweet, all I need is a SCART cable, and a SCART upscaler. That should be cheaper. There's a YouTube video that says they don't like SCART. I don't care, it should be cheaper.

Does it do s-video with the right cable? My upscaler has s-video, that might look slightly better then RCA. Need to see how much I paid for the upscaler, Amazon no longer sells it. If I paid 50 bucks or less, it's useless. 60 bucks might be good enough.

I paid 50 bucks, and Amazon does sell it still. I thought they didn't for a while. Slightly more then a SCART upscaler. Probably just as good. The one Amazon sells is newer. Looks slightly different.

Nice, it stretches the image, that's a good thing right? According to the one star review they didn't like it. I'm not sure I care.

The original SNES does S-Video, good news, I have the original. I'm pretty sure it's not the mini one. Yup it's original. Not 101, 01.

There we go, $5.70 cable ordered on eBay. Game World might have a cable, but it'll cost five bucks more. I can't play my Super Famicom games until I get the save thing anyways. They had a controller, that is cheaper on the internet.

I might buy the Open Source scaler in the future, when it's in stock. Does it do S-Video? Nope, I have to buy a SCART cable. Or use RCA.