SNES disassembled

Can I remove the power connector that remains by melting it off?

Also, can I buy the top cartridge part? Yes I’m to lazy to clean it. The part on the motherboard looks fine.

Maybe I’ll shock it before the power jack comes. Nice, the anti static bag my sound card came in, is big enough for the SNES’s motherboard.

Had to lift the flash up, it kept killing the pictures. The first two are bright. Not sure why I don’t take pictures with my camera.

Putting it back together is going to be a pain. I’ll most likely forget which screws go where.

I just cleaned the connector, with pledge. Probably not recommended, but I don’t drink alcohol. Didn’t clean the part on the motherboard. The part that comes off.

I wonder if somebody fixed the power connector on it, but just used something else. It might work, but it isn’t the correct way to do it.

Now the question is, why do I have any confidence in myself to solder? I had to use pliers to get the screws out, because my fingers are to big. I’ll probably burn myself with the soldering iron.

I saw the casing for the SNES online somewhere. I should buy that as well, the one it has is in horrible condition. But I don’t have very much money left. Might as well see if I kill it by trying to solder a new power connector on.

You can remove the motherboard without removing the eject thing? The shipping on the shell is around 12 bucks. The total price is more then I have in the bank. Might not play Super Famicom games if I replace the shell. It will with the Game Saver.

You can get a working system with everything but the top shell. 33 bucks though. All I’d have to do is put my old top on it. And screw it together. I’ll wait until I fry the one I have, don’t have 30 bucks anyways.

I can turn mine into a Super Famicom for $11 + $15.

I think if you tilt the flash up, you need to aim the camera differently. Or compose it differently with the flash down. Or don’t. Just have some good pictures, and some not so good dark pictures.