You can play Super Famicom games on your US SNES with that. But you’ll need a Retrode 2 to get the ROM. You should be able to play any SNES game on any SNES. 200 bucks though. 80 bucks is the max I’d pay.

You can get a Famicom to NES adapter. No Super Famicom to SNES or the other way.

The Game Saver+ can be used to play Super Famicom games on a US SNES. So can the Super UFO Pro 8. Which would of been cheaper then the Rertrode 2. But I’m not sure the around 40 dollar one lets you backup your games. There’s one for 75 bucks too, that says it does.

Sounds like other devices are better then the Super UFO Pro 8. So just buy a Game Saver+ and a Retrode 2. Or just the Retrode 2.

You can buy the Game Saver here. Says it’s new.