Retrode 2 came

It does indeed work. I’d recommend getting the cheapest and slowest shipping. It took almost two weeks to get to get here, in the US. Don’t remember what day they shipped it. To lazy to look. Better then paying 30 bucks for shipping. Mom said it’s something she wouldn’t spend money on. She must not play old SNES games, or want to.

If you are wondering how slow SNES cartridges are, under 1 Mb/s. Almost 300 KB/s. Good thing the files aren’t very big.

Yes you can copy the save file too. The save file isn’t writable by default, but you can change that. The date appears to be the same on all three of my Japanese games. All 11/20/1990 11 pm.

Is there a site like 3DB or whatever for SNES games? Cause I downloaded the wrong patch, and killed the copy. I have the originals in it’s own folder, in case the patch is no good.

Why did the eBay listing say “Super Mario Yoshi Island”? The name on the Retrode 2 is just Yoshi Island, there’s a number two Super Mario World Yoshi Island for the SNES.

They must of forgot the 2 in the title. Cause there’s no Yoshi Island patch. Just a Super Mario World 2 Yoshi Island. I was wrong, the filename is “Yossy’sIsland.8CF1.sfc”, not Yoshi. Now where do I find Yossy’s island patch?

Yup it might be Super Mario World 2, download the version 1.0 patch, not 1.2. That’s the ROM version, not patch. In Snes9X, you can click Rom Info in the menu, and it’ll tell you the version.

I’m now in love with Yoshi Island. I suck at it. But I’m sure I can get cheats. Then I can beat it in five seconds. Once my refund shows up, I’m buying an original Super Famicom controller. I get a discount if I buy from Retro Games Japan. Also they have fast shipping. Probably buy a 40 dollar game too.

The Retrode 2 doesn’t like my USB 3.0 hub. I have to unplug and try again. Says you should eject and unplug before removing a game, otherwise the save data might get damaged.

Best 70 bucks I’ve spent.

Also if you are done with a game, you can sell it. If you copy it to the cloud first, that’s legal, as cloud providers pay a licensing fee on all copyrighted content you upload and download, so downloading from the cloud is legal.

My USB 3.0 hub sucks, I plugged it into the front of my case instead, in a 2.0 port.

If you insert a NES to SNES adapter, you will get a 4 KB .a26 file. Looks like Atari.

Damn, the one bad Genesis game I have, the Retrode 2 can’t read it either. Might of needed to reset it.

Oh yeah, apparently it required no signature. So I probably could of shipped it to my apartment.

Are screenshots of games I backed up, and still own, illegal? I posted a video of running a DS game in an emulator, and it got flagged on YouTube. They were right, I didn’t own the game.

Super GAMEBOY doesn’t work. You can get the Super GAMEBOY ROM, but you can’t access the game that’s in the SUPER GAMEBOY. You need their adapters for any other systems, or know how to make an adapter.

All the plugins are out of stock on the Germany site.