One package I don't need came

The Game Saver thing. I’ll probably sell it once the AV cable comes. Sell the SNES + Game Saver + AV cable all together. The Game Saver and AV cable are new.

How much will Trade a Game give me for the Game Saver?

Looking at the instructions, it’s the same Game Saver as the one on Stone Age Gamer. Five dollars less on eBay, with free shipping.

Keep the Game Save and AV cable, and buy a replacement system for 40 bucks on eBay. The capacitors were replaced. Does my grandpa know how to replace capacitors? If so, I should buy an AC adapter, since I killed mine. I was trying to make an adapter to use with my universal AC adapter. Replace all the capacitors, and hope it works.

Not sure replacing the capacitors will fix anything. The connector might need to be replaced.

If you look at the replacement power plug, you’ll see mine is damaged. That could be the problem too.