I can get the Game Saver to show on my TV

Then when it tries to boot the game, it’s black, no sound. I may never know if a different AV cable makes a difference, that depends on if USPS ever delivers my package. The motherboard is probably fried though.

I messed some of the pins up on the connector, trying to get it to work. I’m guessing the connector has issues. The motherboard looked fine.

Just bought a 62 pin connector, not the part that goes on the motherboard. A forum said 62 pins, that’s how I knew what to search for. It’s used. Almost 15 bucks. If that doesn’t fix it, then it’s history. Hopefully they ship it by USPS. Otherwise, it might get sent back.

I sure know how to spend money, very quickly. I might have a hundred bucks left, if I’m lucky. That’s after the shipping. I have to buy a box, and bubble wrap too.

Why do I want to fix the SNES? I have a Retrode 2 that works fine. I kind of doubt S-Video will look that much better on my TV. Emulators look fine.

Should of bought the pin from somebody else. A dollar or two more, but they don’t have as much negative feedback.

I probably bought a non working pin connector. Waste of money.

According to their store, they will offer a refund, if it doesn’t work. But according to some of their feedback, they don’t respond.